sell your art with us!

We'll tell you how

We are transforming Art Helsinki into a digital platform that connects artists with individuals and businesses keen on original art.

By partnering with us, you gain access to a dynamic sales and marketing channel that unveils your artworks to a broader audience. Art Helsinki provides an avenue for the sale of paintings, graphic art, and photography that might otherwise remain hidden from public view.

Each artist’s application is thoughtfully reviewed by our curator, so please allow time for the assessment procedure. Kindly understand that while not all applications may be accepted, each submission receives our utmost consideration. Your patience during this process is greatly appreciated.

A commission is applied to successfully sold pieces. However, it shows a notable reduction in contrast to the major Finnish online art stores. Joining Art Helsinki and listing your works for sale comes at no cost to the artist.

What advantages can you gain?

Art Helsinki is expanding its global presence, connecting you with buyers worldwide.

1. Trustworthy payment processing: Our partners are established and reputable payment intermediaries.

2. Timely earnings: We ensure artists receive their share of sales on a monthly basis.

3. Comprehensive marketing support: We consistently promote our brand and individual artists across various channels.

4. Engaging business clientele: Art Helsinki actively engages with companies, facilitating art sales for office spaces.

your own profile

Within your profile, you have control over your personal information and artistic details. You can easily update your public-facing biography and artwork descriptions. Through this profile, you can effortlessly upload new pieces for sale and monitor your sales activity.


You will be promptly notified when one of your artworks is sold. Subsequently, we will reach out to you to discuss the practical details. It’s your responsibility to ensure the artwork is securely packaged and sent promptly following the sale.

Art Helsinki disburses your portion of the sold artworks to your designated bank account on a monthly basis.


Artists have the autonomy to set the pricing for their works. The displayed price for buyers consistently incorporates VAT, if applicable according to the artist’s VAT liability. You retain the flexibility to adjust prices as needed. Art Helsinki also possesses the capability to provide buyers with offer codes.


To establish clear rights and responsibilities, Art Helsinki and the artist enter into a formal agreement that outlines the essential procedures.