art helsinki

Affordable original art

Our concept is to provide a convenient method for purchasing authentic pieces of art.

We exclusively offer one-of-a-kind artworks, no copies, prints, or replicas.

clear lines

Shapes collaborating and engaging in dialogue give rise to spaces that appear distinct yet yearn to meld and escape their confines. 

Unknown phenomenon

Value for money

Given that no rental or personnel costs are factored in, the prices remain significantly more affordable compared to acquiring art through a gallery.

art helsinki

New paintings

Artworks reflect their owner’s personality and lend a distinctive touch to the home’s ambiance.

Fresh paintings are consistently introduced to the store’s collection. So, if you don’t discover a piece you adore at the moment, feel free to check back again later!

Feel free to share your thoughts with us

Are you seeking additional information about the paintings or do you have a specific style, size, or color in mind that you haven’t come across?