terms and conditions


Art Helsinki (referred to as “we” hereinafter) provides the sale of products to both companies and individuals. The product prices encompass VAT, and in the case of the ‘delivered’ option, inclusive of delivery costs as well. The specified prices within the online store are exclusively applicable therein. We retain the authority to modify the terms of delivery and prices.

contact information

Website: https://arthelsinki.fi

Email: kai@arthelsinki.fi

Phone: +358-45-1260064

Mailing Address: Suolakivenkatu 12 B 23, 00810 HELSINKI, FINLAND


Customers select the desired products for purchase within the online store by adding them to the shopping cart. The order is initiated and submitted by completing the payment process at the checkout. By confirming the order, you acknowledge your agreement with these delivery terms, product prices, and potential delivery charges. During the ordering process, you are required to provide a valid email address to which the order confirmation will be delivered electronically. The order confirmation will include a comprehensive overview of the selected products and their corresponding prices.

payment processing

Stripe functions as an intermediary payment service provider and collaborates with Finnish banks and credit institutions to facilitate payment processing. On bank statements or credit card invoices, Stripe’s name will be indicated as the recipient of the payment, and subsequently, Stripe directs the payment to the merchant. Following the transaction, Stripe will issue a payment confirmation detailing the payment amount, unique payment ID, and date.


Orders within Finland are typically dispatched within five (5) business days from the order placement date, utilizing the selected delivery method. The execution of the delivery depends on the situation and is managed either by a reputable Transport Company or by our representative directly.

For international orders, delivery is generally completed within 1-2 weeks from the time of order placement. A professional transport company is responsible for handling the delivery process.

It’s important to note that delivery timelines might experience delays due to holidays, issues with transport companies, or other unforeseen circumstances. While the online store’s representative personally handling nearby area shipments could potentially offer some level of delivery time assurance, a comprehensive guarantee regarding delivery time is not feasible. Furthermore, we bear no liability for any indirect damages that might arise from delivery delays.

cancellation and return terms

EU and Nordic Countries:

All artworks are entitled to a 14-day return period within the European Union (EU) and the Nordic countries outside the EU. Returns are free of charge in the Nordic countries. For countries outside the Nordic region, the buyer is responsible for the return shipping expenses. We assume the responsibility of covering the shipping costs for returning a product damaged during transit.

To initiate a return, kindly contact us for logistical details.

Once the artwork has been returned to the sender and inspected, the product prices will be refunded to the buyer within 14 days. The refund will be processed according to the original payment method used for the order. In the event that the returned product has been used in violation of the buyer’s statutory duty of care, we retain the right to impose a deduction, up to the full price of the product, inclusive of return expenses. Given that these are unique pieces, meticulous packaging is of utmost importance. The artwork must be undamaged and securely packed in the original or equivalent packaging, following the guideline of a soft interior and a sturdy exterior.

It is essential to coordinate with us to arrange the shipment collection date. Should the returned product sustain damage during transit due to non-compliance with packaging instructions, we reserve the right to deduct the costs of repairing the product from the refund amount, either partially or in full.

Countries Outside the EU:

Outside the European Union, artworks come with a 7-day return privilege. Please refer to the previous section for details pertaining to non-EU Nordic countries. In cases where the artwork arrives damaged, we cover the expenses associated with the return shipping. Otherwise, the buyer bears the responsibility for the shipping costs.

For initiating a return, please reach out to Art Helsinki for guidance.

Upon the return and assessment of the artwork, the artwork’s price will be reimbursed to the buyer within 14 days. The reimbursement will follow the payment method initially utilized for the order, whether to a bank account or a credit card. If the artwork has undergone substantial changes, the refundable amount will be reduced by an amount commensurate with the use of the artwork.

Due to their uniqueness, diligent packaging is paramount for these artworks. The artwork must remain undamaged and securely packaged, utilizing the original or comparable packaging. The packaging should be designed to withstand external impacts and stacking.

A return is only admissible if the artwork remains intact (unless it was defective upon arrival) and shows no signs of usage. Preferably, the returned artwork should be packed using the original packaging materials. 

Ensure a mutual agreement with Art Helsinki regarding the collection date for the return shipment. In instances where the product sustains damage during return transit due to negligence in adhering to packaging instructions, we hold the right to deduct the costs of repairing the product from the refund amount, either partially or entirely.

Return Address: Art Helsinki Suolakivenkatu 12 B 23 00810 HELSINKI, FINLAND

Problematic Circumstances

Please inspect both the delivery and the ordered products immediately upon receipt, and promptly notify us of any discrepancies. In the event that a product is lost, damaged during transit, or does not align with your order in any way, it is essential to report the discrepancy without delay. Such discrepancies must be reported within a maximum of 14 days by lodging a complaint with the online store.


Prices within the online store are subject to change without prior notice. Deliveries of products will adhere to the prices in effect at the time of order placement.

We retain the right to annul an order in instances of potential pricing inaccuracies. This applies when the product’s price significantly and evidently differs from its accurate pricing.

commissioned works

Regarding commissioned works, a non-refundable deposit (typically approximately half of the total work price) can be required, which will not be reimbursed if the order is canceled due to reasons attributable to the buyer.

The estimated prices provided for commissioned works remain valid for a period of 6 months from the date of issuance. If the order or delivery experiences delays, caused by the buyer’s actions, extending beyond a six-month period, we retain the right to review and potentially adjust the price.

force majeure

Art Helsinki shall not be held liable for delays or damages arising from circumstances beyond its control, which were not reasonably foreseeable, and the consequences of which it could not prevent. Such circumstances include, but are not limited to, force majeure events like industrial strikes, illness among staff, import and export restrictions, and transportation disruptions. Should the force majeure event endure for a duration exceeding three months, both we and the customer possess the right to cancel orders without incurring penalties or fees related to delays.


Efforts are made to meticulously capture product photographs for the online store, ensuring that customers gain a comprehensive understanding of the artworks. Nonetheless, customers should acknowledge that discrepancies in color shades between the pictures and the actual paintings might arise due to device settings and other technical factors. These differences can often be accentuated when observing the artwork from varying angles and under different lighting conditions. Consequently, we do not assume accountability for potential color inaccuracies in the product images.

customer communication

By agreeing to Art Helsinki’s terms and conditions for ordering and delivery, the customer also consents to receiving customer service communications. These communications pertain to matters related to the customer’s order and delivery from the online store.

applicable law

Finnish law is applicable to these delivery terms and the agreements referenced within them. Consumers retain the right to present disputes linked to the contracts outlined in these delivery terms to the Consumer Protection Board (Kuluttajariitalautakunta). Furthermore, consumers have the option to refer the dispute to the district court within the jurisdiction of the online store’s location or within the jurisdiction where the consumer resides or holds permanent residence.

changing the terms

We reserve the right to modify the delivery terms, possibly in response to legal adjustments. By agreeing to the online store’s terms and conditions for ordering and delivery, you also consent to the processing of your personal data in compliance with the privacy statement.